Design, Operation, Qualification and maintenance of Isolator

Isolators have been around the Pharmaceutical Industry since the early 1980s and in the Nuclear Industry (glovebox technology) since the 1950s. The intent of isolators is to create an airtight barrier or enclosure around a piece of equipment or process which provides absolute separation between the operator and product. The operator can perform tasks through half-suits or glove ports. Isolators provide a specific environment inside the isolator using HEPA filters. The environment can be positive pressure or negative, can have humidity control, oxygen control, use unidirectional airflow, and can either protect the product from the operator as with aseptic processes, or protect the operator from the product as with potent product handling.
The earliest uses of aseptic isolators were for sterility testing. Sterility test isolators make up most of the aseptic isolators in use and are available in many different sizes and configurations. Sterility test isolators do not need to be installed in a classified area. No formal requirement exists for a Grade D environment, but the area should be controlled to allow only trained personnel. The room should also have temperature and humidity control.

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  1. This was a very interesting and informative post, never knew this much about Isolators, only ever saw them in movies. Thanks for the great post, hope to see more from you soon. Keep up the good work.

  2. I like how precise the article is. This could serve as a source of information for those looking to read or write or know about isolators.

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