About Me

Hi!! all.

A warm welcome to my blog, I am really looking forward to write about the experience I will have. Some funny, some angry, some confusing, some crazy and much more things will happen to me. Be curious.
But maybe first to myself, because that’s the most important thing at the moment and the occasion of the primary entry: to introduce the person behind the letters. I try to let you know a lot about me and my personality ‘cause transparency is the thing which makes blogs interesting in reading.

Who am I?

Palash Chandra Das born and brought up from West Bengal. Born in a village Amdanga in the year 1986, raised in Barasat, schooling in Madhyamgram and completed my graduation and post graduation from NSCBIP (2004-2010), Chakdaha, Nadia.

Its me

My first job as a trainee QA officer small pharma company Pharmanza (India) Pvt. Ltd. 70/1, G.I.D.C Estate , Kansari – 388630. Khambhat , Dist : Anand Gujarat, (INDIA)

My First Job experience at Pharmanza

Recently I working under Cadila Healthcare Ltd. in Vaccine Technology Centre as a F&D comes production officer at Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad is a business city where Where the sun never goes down,  I don’t like Chass and Gujrati food but ice-cream and Srikhand is my favourite.

A city of joy ‘Ahmedabad




Sharing some experience with Gujrati languages…………..

Hello – Kem cho (lit. How are you?)
Am Fine – Hu Majama Chu
Good-bye – Aavjo (lit. Come again)
How much money? – Ketla paisa?
Where are you? – Tame kya cho?
I would like to drink some water- Mane’ pani piwu che
I am thirsty – Mane’ taras lagi/laghe che
I am hungry- Mane’ bhookh lagi/laghe che
What is your name? – Tamaru naam su che?
My name is Palash- Maru naam Palash che.

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